We look at some of the new Employment Tax obligations and liabilities that the company will need to consider when it reaches certain milestones.

Tax Talk: The employment tax cycle: growth and expansion

There are many reasons why a business may decide to operate internationally. But it’s important to take tax advice before going any further. Chris Riley sets out some key priorities.

Tax Talk: Overseas expansion: what should you consider?

Partnerships are common among professional services providers such as law firms and accountants, but they’re increasing in other sectors too. We look at the tax implications for partners versus employees.

Tax Talk: Bringing managers into the partnership: the tax benefits

We look at the role of fixed establishments and how they relate to VAT liabilities arising from overseas operations

Tax Talk: Expanding abroad? How to establish the VAT position

Outcomes from the FCA’s review.

Consumer Duty – FCA’s update on implementation plans

The current macro-economic climate, coupled with weak financial resilience caused by the cost of living crisis, may tempt firms to cut corners in their client money compliance.

Broking Business: The challenges of CASS 5: the FCA is watching

When you’re closing the 2022 year end financials, tax for 2023 may not be at the top of your list. But the time of year means changes are not far off. Here are some pointers to consider.

Broking Business: Tax accounting – what to think about when closing the year end

2021 has been another fascinating year for the UK broker market. We look at some of the main trends – including ownership, M&A activity, market concentration and sector specialism.

Broking Business: Insurance age top 75

The FCA has published a policy statement, Improving the Appointed Representatives (ARs) regime, which sets out its updated rules and requirements for principals and ARs.

Broking Business: Appointed Representatives regime: FCA’s latest enhancement

In July 2022 the FCA published details of its new Consumer Duty. Here’s a recap of the key points.

Broking Business: The new Consumer Duty – how to prepare for 2023

We look at the key obligations you will face when adding to the team, from payroll to pensions via employment tax and HMRC requirements.

Tax Talk: The employment tax cycle: hiring employees for the first time

We focus on the particular issues for non-domiciled remittance basis taxpayers and settlors of offshore trusts.

Tax Talk: Offshore investments and non-domiciles: what to look out for