Our Environmental, Social and Governance activities 2


At PKF, we want to be judged on more than just our financial performance. The most admired, and successful, businesses today are those that not only deliver profit, but also those that recognise their impact more widely in the community and environment, and seek to contribute in a positive way – whether that’s by looking after and developing all of their staff, respecting the natural environment or engaging with residents in their local area, to name but a few examples.

“We work hard to make a difference. In line with our Values – and, in particular, our commitment to showing respect to each other and those around us – we believe that we can and should have a positive impact on our team, our clients and our stakeholders.  

“It’s vital that our good intentions are more than just aspirations – we need to make a practical and tangible difference. This is where our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities come in. It’s up to everyone in our firm to bring this vision to life in our day-to-day work – for the benefit of all of us. All of our Partners and staff are encouraged to embrace our mission, and to challenge ourselves and each other to help PKF continue to make a positive difference.”

Dominic Roberts | Managing Partner

We invite you to discover how we’re making a positive difference by looking at the pages in this section, which cover our objectives of:

You can also find out more about our Values and our Code of Conduct.