PKF becomes carbon neutral

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We are proud to have become a carbon neutral organisation.

This follows an environmental assessment of our offices, which helped us to better understand the areas in which we follow good practice and supported us in identifying areas for improvement.

The analysis also enabled us to calculate the amount of carbon we emit as a business, and to offset this carbon by sponsoring environmentally and socially beneficial projects around the world. 

Our investments include tree planting projects in the UK and the Amazon rainforest, an initiative to rehabilitate a borehole to provide drinking water for communities in Uganda, and support for building a solar power plant in the Philippines.

Becoming carbon neutral is one of the many ways in which we try to protect our environment and make a difference, in line with our Values.  For example, we have removed all single use cups from our offices, and recycle a wide range of materials including paper, plastics, electrical items and toner/ink cartridges in a responsible manner.

For more information, visit our ‘making a difference‘ page.