On demand webinar: Supporting and retaining your key employees

read timeRead time: 1 min
Supporting and retaining your key employees is difficult in such extraordinary times and is becoming key for many businesses as they look to adapt to the current changing environment both during the virus and also for their valued futures in the ‘new normal’. Various measures have been announced by the government to help support businesses facing difficulties arising from the coronavirus disruption. However, sometimes the support offered by the Government is not enough, or suitable, to cover all the business requirements.
Join our tax experts and guest speaker, Mark Wheeler from law firm Hill Dickinson, to discuss the various measures that are available to businesses, including furlough and the employment law consequences, and what the alternatives are if furlough isn’t enough.
We will discuss:
  • What is furlough from an HMRC perspective
  • Our experience to date of furlough
  • High level employment law commentary regarding furlough and/or variations to employment terms
  • When furlough or redundancy won’t provide a complete or desirable solution; compensating salary or bonus reductions with longer term share incentives
  • Legal considerations of switching salary for shares.
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