On demand webinar: How to resolve disputes, recover bad debts, and deal with your responsibilities as a director

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Business owners have faced a wide array of challenges over the past few months during COVID-19. With Government funding support due to end later this year, many companies need to start planning ahead now.

During this on demand webinar, our experts  discuss three real life scenarios and learn how to protect your business and cashflow over the coming months and how to identify the red flags early. 

Lawyer Nick Harvey from our ground-breaking multi-award winning commercial dispute service, Escalate discusses the issues you may be facing with suppliers, contract breaches, bad debts or stand-offs with other important stakeholders, which have likely been exacerbated by the impacted of Coronavirus.
Stephen Goderski, PKF’s Head of Advisory, takes you through the current insolvency landscape. He’ll focus on directors responsibilities and how the recent Insolvency and Governance Act has impacted businesses and their creditors.

Watch the webinar on demand.

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