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Andrew Dawson


Andrew Dawson

Andrew is a Director in PKF’s Not for Profit team with 15 years’ experience.

He specialises in advising institutional donors and recipients of grant funding and manages PKF’s grant audit team, co-ordinating assignments both at grant recipients’ headquarters and in the field.

Andrew is one of PKF’s most experienced grant auditors, having managed and led over 800 assignments in over 100 countries in the EU, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. His experience covers humanitarian aid, international development, research, education and culture, energy, telecommunications, and the environment. Andrew is also a specialist in EU pillars assessments for entities requesting to be entrusted with the implementation of the EU budget under indirect management.

He uses his significant on the ground experience to help his clients understand the contractual rules and obligations of grant agreements. Andrew’s ability to simplify the complexity of the grant implementation process enables his clients to improve their project management and delivery.

Andrew has specialist knowledge of EU H2020 / HE certifications, Innovate UK grant audits, Turing grants and other ad hoc donor grants, managing a significant number of assignments each year on behalf of higher education institutes, SMEs, charities and multinational businesses.