Automating the accounting system

A client requested our services to help them transition their accounting function from Sage to Xero.

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Automating the accounting system

Moving away from manual processing

The group consisted of 15 entities, all operating with different functional currencies. The client wanted to be sure that moving to a new accounting software would accommodate their needs, to not only automate the majority of the accounting function, but also prepare the group consolidation without the need for excel workings. The clients existing excel management report was tailored to the board’s requests, however the client wanted the new report to have the ability to be prepared not only automatically, but also have the option to be updated/ tailored with KPI’s and an executive summary each month. 

Streamlining their operations

By taking the time to understand our client’s needs, we were able to offer advice on which solution would be best suited to them. We advised the client that moving from Sage to Xero was a great first step to automating their accounting function. We discussed the conversion options to do this, using either movemybooks or Xero’s conversion tool box, and given that the client needed to upload two years worth of data to Xero (YE 2021 for testing purposes, YE 2022 for the group consolidation), we opted for the Xero conversion toolbox method which allowed us to upload closing balances only, rather than transactional data.

Once Xero was set up, we linked up the accounts to the Spotlight reporting software. This automated the consolidation process for the client and they were able tailor their reports to suit their needs and satisfy relevant stakeholders.

To ensure we provided the best service, we arranged training sessions for our client’s accounting department on Xero and Spotlight. They are now up and running for 2023 and enjoying their new automated accounting function.

Focusing on the future

Automating the accounting function has ensured that the month end procedures are efficient, and therefore freeing up managements time to focus on business initiatives.

Our Outsourcing services

UK accounting services

Business owners and management teams depend on reliable accounting and financial information to make informed decisions that enable them to streamline operations, maximise revenues and expand.

Based on your specific needs, we harness the best of technology to deliver a bespoke accounting solution that ensures you have the financial information you need to achieve your ambitions.


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International accounting

As you expand overseas, accurate financial information is key to measuring performance.

We work with established multinational groups with worldwide operations and privately owned businesses venturing overseas for the first time. No matter how complex your needs, we will act as the primary point of contact for your international accounting operations.

Financial reporting

For many companies, the responsibility for complying with financial reporting is becoming increasingly complex and an increasing focus of in-house finance teams.

Our dedicated financial reporting specialists have the knowledge and experience to support a diverse range of clients and their needs.